3 Reasons Why Your Vision Board Isn't Working

goal setting manifestation Mar 09, 2021

Are you disappointed by your vision board because it's not bringing you any results? Wondering how everyone seems to manifest everything they put on their boards? How everyone talks about how great they are while you seem not to be making any progress?

That's exactly what I used to wonder too! If this is happening to you, it's likely that you're currently making the same mistakes that I used to struggle with.

We create vision boards to create a visual for our dream life filled with the things that we want to attract into our lives and the goals we want to achieve.

When I made my first vision board, I didn't really know much about it. I had a lot of fun putting them together but in the end, I'd always feel disappointed.

Now, I make one every year to always have my vision in my eye's sight. I went from seeing vision boards as some sort of fake news to being a huge fan of them. I simply had to understand more about them, how it's actually supposed to work.


My First Vision Board

My first vision board was a huge disappointment. I created it in 2014 after finishing high school. I went through magazines printed images and put them all on the board. I had a vision for what I wanted to experience the next year.

In the end, nothing happened! I didn't manifest my dream life, I didn't receive the things I wanted. If anything, I spent the year without a sense of purpose, I didn't experience much joy.

That's when I decided vision boards suck. From that moment on, I didn't create a new one until the end of 2019. There were many issues with my first vision board. But, I only discovered them years later when getting back into it after continuously seeing them on social media.

I was determined that this time I'll manifest what I put on that board. I did more research and tried to identify where I went wrong. And I'm excited to say that that the vision board I created in 2019 was a success! 2019 was my last year at uni so a lot on the board focused around that and also some exciting travel plans that I had for that summer.

If you've ever wondered why other people's vision boards seem to magically work and yours don't, keep on reading. Here are 3 mistakes I made when creating my vision board in 2014 and how I fixed those for my 2019 board.


3 Reasons Why Your Vision Board Isn't Working

Mistake 1 - Not believing it's actually possible to achieve it

Anything you try to manifest in doubt is hard to get. If you don't believe in ever achieving it, in ever getting the things you want, you'll simply never get them.

Manifestation is about knowing that what you want to manifest is on its way. You have to believe it's possible for you. If you don't you'll not feel inspired to take action, you'll not feel motivated to keep on moving the needle.

If if you start manifesting and your emotions are filled with doubt, it might be because you try to manifest irrealistic goals. You can and should dream BIG. But, for example, you want to manifest $1mio with your business but you didn't even start building the foundations of it yet, it's not a surprise you have a lot of doubt.

Set goals that are big. Dream big. But make sure they're realistic and not filled with uncertainty.


Mistake 2 - Not focusing on how you want to feel along the way

This one is so important! If you want to manifest anything into your life, getting clear on what it will feel like once you have it is imperative. Manifestation is all about feelings and emotions.

But, what is even more helpful is to get clear on how you want to feel along the way. Your vision board should make you feel motivated, inspired, encouraged, excited to do the necessary things that will bring you closer to your vision.

Don't get me wrong focusing on the end emotion when visualizing etc. is important but really try to focus on how you want to feel during the process as well. This will help you feel more aligned with your WHY, which helps to release the how.

By focusing on the why you'll feel encouraged and inspired along the way, you'll keep moving forward. On days where you struggle and ask yourself, "Why am I even doing this?", you'll simply look at your vision board and get back on track.


Mistake 3 - Not taking aligned, inspired action

Finally, probably the biggest reason why your vision board isn’t working…

It’s because you’re not taking action.

You're not putting in the necessary work to move closer to your vision.

A vision board is meant to motivate and inspire you to take action. Their purpose is to align you to your why and keep your momentum up.

The universe is not just going to give everything to you simply because you put a picture on your vision board. You have to meet the universe in the middle and take action towards your desires.

I'd say it's a pretty common mistake, to just create the vision board put it somewhere where you don't see it, and then avoiding to take action. I've definitely been there. 

But, if you find yourself not moving forward and avoiding your goals, there's nothing else than action that going to change your reality.

For everything you put on your vision board, come up with action steps that help you manifest your dreams. I challenge you to come up with at least ten for each main goal.

PLUS, make sure to place your vision board somewhere where you'll see it often so that you can reconnect with its energy and the feelings you want to manifest on a regular basis.

The universe always has your back, it supports you, it guides you. But, it is not doing your job for you.


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