Emotional Eating – 5 Journaling Prompts To Understand Your Relationship With Food

food freedom intuitive eating Mar 03, 2021

One of the most important steps that helped me overcome emotional eating is to better understand my relationship with it. I didn’t know why I was eating when my feelings were getting the best of me.

I always say; emotional eating isn’t all bad. It is part of our lives and sometimes the only thing we have access to, to soothe our feelings with, is food. It’s important to remember that you aren’t failing at being healthy by seeking comfort through food.

It’s ok to occasionally eat to feel better, but there are other remedies that are more suitable and offer greater long-lasting comfort. Food may help faster but it only has a short-lasting soothing effect. That’s why it shouldn’t be the only way to deal with your emotions.

Putting in the effort to understand what triggers you, where this struggle is coming from is one of the most important steps on your journey to food freedom.

Emotional eating isn’t the real problem, it’s merely a symptom of something that is going on deep inside of you. It’s your body’s signal trying to tell you that something else isn’t going the way it’s supposed to be.

Understanding your relationship with emotional eating will help you get to the roots of your problems. It will help you identify what you actually need so that you can make long-lasting positive changes in your life.

One of the best ways, if not THE BEST, to get that UNDERSTANDING, is journaling.

I’m a huge advocate of journaling because by writing down my thoughts, struggles, and reflections, I was truly able to get to know myself better. Journaling kick-started my self-healing, self-discovery & self-development journey.

It allowed me to understand the WHY behind my struggles. I finally identified what my actual problems were, why I constantly craved food once I became a little stressed, worried, and overwhelmed.

Whether you’re clearly struggling with emotional eating or simply looking to discover yourself better, the following prompts are meant to help you understand your personal journey so that you can transform your life in ways you didn’t think of being possible.


5 Journaling Prompts To Understand Your Relationship With Emotional Eating

The prompts below are some of the ones I personally used and also provide to my clients. I hope they will bring you the clarity and better understanding of yourself that you need to heal.

You can tackle all questions in one sitting, or how I prefer to do it is to choose one question per day so that you can give it your full attention.

I recommend using a technique called automated writing. Simply grab your notebook and pen, set a time for a couple of minutes, and don’t stop until the alarm goes off.

This technique helps to cut through the fluff and encourages you to write what truly matters without overthinking it too much. Trust the process and get to know yourself better!

  1. What do you think is currently standing in your way from having the relationship with food & your body that you desire?
  2. When was the last time you’ve felt good in your body? Describe it with as much detail as possible.
  3. Describe in detail the last time you made an unhealthy food choice. How did it make you feel before, during, & after?
  4. Describe the last healthy food choice you made. How did you feel before, during, & after? How did your feelings differ from when making an unhealthy choice?
  5. Think of the last time you used food to deal with your emotions, Can you remember what triggered you? what were you telling yourself in that moment?

I hope those journaling prompts help and support you on your journey to healing your relationship with food. If you have any questions or just fancy a chat, feel free to send me a DM on Instagram.


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