How To Raise Your Vibration To Manifest What You Want

manifestation self-care Apr 20, 2021

In order to manifest what we actually want we need to be in a high vibrational state. A state that is aligned with the desire we are trying to attract. For this, you need to know how to raise your vibration.

If you're new to intentional manifestation and how it all works, here are a few science facts to help you better understand why it's so important to be in that high-vibe state.


What High-Vibe Truly Means

The universe is made up of energy. Everything is vibrating on a specific and individual frequency, our thoughts, our feelings, even the food we eat.

Certain emotions and feelings are perceived as good whereas others are perceived as bad. But, high-vibe doesn't mean to only feel positive emotions. This is a very common myth I'm about to bust.

It's true that being high vibe means that you get to attract your desires. But high-vibe itself actually means that you see balance in life faster, that you're able to get into a state of unconditional love faster. So, what does that mean?

The nature of our universe is to be in balance. This means that if we want to work WITH the universe and not against it, we need to work with the perceived positive and negative phases in our life.

Once we see the positives and negatives in everything, we'll reach a state of unconditional love. High-vibe is about getting back into balance faster. Every emotion is part of the human experience.

It's not sustainable to only feel perceived positive feelings, negative ones are just as important in our life. Everything comes in balance, good and bad, hot and cold, etc.

Think about it, things we perceive a positive always have negative sides to them too. For example, you want to manifest more money. The negatives here could be that it means you need to pay more taxes. Or if you feel lonely, a positive here is that you start valuing connection more.

It's all about balance and we're always coming back to it. If you don't control how the downfall comes, the universe will decide for you. If you don't shift your vibration to raise up from a low moment, you'll end up staying there for longer and hence, vibrate at a lower frequency.

It all starts from within. Once you learn how to raise your vibration you'll start living in alignment with what you're trying to attract. Luckily, there are many ways that you can learn how to raise your vibration!



How To Raise Your Vibration To Manifest What You Want

The 5 high vibe practices can help you raise your vibration in order to manifest your biggest dreams.

1. Practice gratitude

Gratitude and love are the highest frequency emotions. The highest vibrational mindful state we can possibly be in.

We reach a state of love and gratitude, by seeing and accepting all aspects of a thing, person, event, etc. When we accept the perceived good and bad parts of something we move into a state of unconditional love.

That's why when we practice gratitude, we're putting out the energetic frequency that we're ready to welcome in our desires. We're no longer functioning from a place of lack but rather abundance because we acknowledge how much we already have in our lives.

If you want to raise your vibration, you need to start working on your mindset. Like in so many things, it's all about mindset. Once you master where you put your attention, you'll be able to shift your focus on the positive things in your life.

Start a gratitude journal and take some time each day to focus on these positives so you can start to welcome in more.


2. Meditate more often

Meditation is such a powerful practice. It allows you to reconnect with yourself and your intuition.

It's all about being present in the moment, becoming aware of your thoughts, and releasing them without overthinking. It's not about having an empty mind but rather about acknowledging that you're all you need.

You can only find complete happiness and joy as well as true love within yourself. This can be accomplished by clearing the chaos within our mind, the negative energy that is keeping us at a low frequency.

Not only does meditation help you get rid of that mental clutter that's keeping you from reaching a high-vibrational state but it also calms your nervous system and even improves your mood. All of which will further benefit your state of being.


3. Nourish your body with wholesome, nutritious foods.

Everything in this universe is made up of energy and everything vibrates at different frequencies.

Wholesome, nutritious foods vibrate at a much higher frequency than processed fast food. Eating is simply a transfer of energy and that's why we need to ensure to fill ourselves with energy that boosts us.

It's literally; you are what you eat. Foods low in nutrients and high in sugar and oil will reduce your energetic vibration. You will feel tired, sluggish, and maybe even unhappy and demotivated.

But, if you opt for fresh, nutrient-dense, and colorful foods, you'll supercharge your frequency. You'll feel energized, alive, and in alignment with yourself and the universe.

Tune into your body and listen to its cues. Identify what food makes you feel good and what is draining you from your energy and wellbeing. Once you become aware, start incorporating more of what makes you feel good to raise your vibe.


4. Move your body daily

Moving your body on a daily basis has so many immediate and long-term benefits. Movement in any form is more than a tool for weight loss.

It will give you that energy boost you need to power through the day. It reduces the risk of disease, releases the feel-good hormones that boost your mood and make you relaxed, and much more.

The effects movement has on your body and your overall health directly relate to shifting your body into a higher vibrational state.

Whether it's exercising at the gym, going for a walk, dancing around your house, find something you love, and incorporate it into your daily routine. It doesn't matter how you move your body, as long as you do it on a daily basis.

The more you move, the easier it will be for you to raise your vibration and the better the long-term effects. Of course all in healthy and realistic proportions.


5. Smile, especially in moments of distress

Smiling releases the feel-good hormones (dopamine, endorphins, and serotonin) into your system. This chemical reaction in your body helps fight stress and increases your mood.

These neurotransmitters are associated with lowering your anxiety and increasing feelings of happiness. This means that you can literally shift your vibration simply by smiling as it helps you get out of a negative rut.


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