My Top 5 Crystals For Manifestation

manifestation Mar 23, 2021

What is manifestation?

First of all, you might be thinking that manifestation is something you'll start doing as of now. But, the truth is that you've been manifesting your whole life.

But from now on by knowing more about what manifestation actually is you'll be able to start manifesting with intention.

Manifestation is the creation of your reality based on your emotions, thoughts, and vibration.

A manifestation is anything that has appeared in your physical reality. It can be something you want but also something that you don't want.

Through your actions that evolve from your emotions and thoughts, you create your reality. Your reality is made up of things you perceive as good (things that encourage you) or bad (things that challenge you).

You might have heard of the Law of Attraction. Many see it as what manifestation is all about. But actually, it's not.

It's a universal law that states that whatever you focus on will manifest in your life. It's an important part of the whole manifestation process but in reality, there are more laws that you need to consider.

For example, the law of duality which helps you see the good in the bad and vice-versa. It's what helps you shift into gratitude, the core emotions of manifestation.

There are many ways to support your manifestation process and use those universal laws to your advantage.

Some of my favorite manifestation tools and rituals are scripting, using oracle cards, meditating, journaling, and, of course, working with crystals.


How To Manifest Your Dream Life With Crystals

I love manifesting with crystals. When I started out I was unsure about which ones to chose, which ones are better than others, and so on.

That is exactly why I wrote this guide, so you won't have to waste time googling it all. Instead, you can directly dive in and manifest your dream life with the help of your magic stones.

Crystals are used to enhance one's manifestation abilities. Each gemstone or crystal has its different properties. When it comes to choosing the right one for you, it's important to go with your intuition.

You can also choose crystals based on what you want to manifest. Select a crystal that matches the things' energy and vibration. For example, if you're looking to manifest abundance, choose a citrine.

Once you've found your crystal, you can use it to help you manifest your dream life. Clear its energy with some palo santo or sage and infuse it with your manifestation intention.

Hold it while you're visualizing your future, keep it in your pockets are a powerful reminder, make a crystal grid.

There are SO many possibilities. The key is to go with what works best for you.


My Top 5 Crystals For Manifestation

Crystal #1 - Citrine THE crystal for manifesting abundance.

Citrine is well known for its vibration which helps you raise your own vibration. It can enhance your mood by shifting your mindset to a place of abundance and positivity.

It is your perfect choice if you're looking for a crystal to help you manifest money, wealth, and success. It's not called the money stone for no reason.

Place the citrine somewhere close to your workspace or keep it in your wallet. Make sure to get in tune with it frequently so that you can fully absorb its vibrations.


Crystal #2 - Clear Quartz to intensify your manifestation intentions

Clear Quartz is said to be the most powerful healing stone perfect to use in any condition. Its very high vibration makes it the most versatile crystal.

It is also known to amplify any vibration, energy, and intention. It doesn't carry the vibration of a specific thing but rather amplifies the energy it is given. This makes it one of the best crystals for manifesting because you can use its power to manifest any desire.

Clear Quartz is believed to help you gain clarity over your dreams, enhance your intentions and protect against negativity so that you can fully attune to your higher self.


Crystal #3 - Amethyst to provide you with inner strength and clarity of mind

Amethysts are great for beginners and probably one of the most popular crystals. It's very powerful and promotes emotional wellness.

This crystal is meant to balance your emotions, block negative energy and provide you with spiritual protection. Use amethysts to become more aware of your inner world.

I especially recommend meditating with it as it calms your thoughts and helps you become more attune with your emotions.

If you're struggling to find clarity, become more aware of your thoughts, and even calm your anxiety or stress, choose an amethyst, the stone for wisdom and spiritual growth.


Crystal #4 - Rose Quartz for manifesting love

Rose Quartz is the crystal of love. If you're looking to manifest a relationship, more self-compassion, and self-love, then this crystal is the perfect choice for you.

This crystal emits powerful vibrations of love, the energy that is the core manifestation. Rose Quartz is connected to the Heart Chakra and by tapping into your divine feminine energy, it helps you heal even the deepest wounds.

Manifest with this crystal to attract new relationships, heal from the past, become compassionate and strengthen the love within yourself. Keep a Rose Quartz in your pocket or wear it in a necklace to keep the loving vibration close to your heart.


Crystal #5 - Black Obsidian for releasing limiting beliefs

Black Obsidian's power helps you let go of negative energy and limiting beliefs that are holding you back from manifesting your desires.

In order to manifest anything, you need to be able to identify negative thought patterns to shift them into loving beliefs or release them for good. It's THE crystal to help you let go of your past and negativity.

Use a Black Obsidian in your crystal grids or with your meditations to overcome obstacles and bring in positivity and new opportunities that align with your energy and dreams.


Let's Manifest Your Desires

Using crystals to manifest your dreams, definitely feels magical. I love working with crystals, they're so pretty to look at and are so high vibe.

Whether you use crystals in your manifestation routines and rituals or not, it's important to know that there is no telling how long it takes for manifestations to become reality.

You simply have to trust the process and remember that the universe ALWAYS has your back.

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