Why Sleep Is Important To Become Successful As An Entrepreneur

healthy lifestyle Mar 02, 2021

With all your to-dos, chances are high that sleep isn’t one of your top priorities. Sleep might even be the first thing you sacrifice for more time.

This blog post aims to show you how important is if you want to be successful as an entrepreneur and why it should be one of your top priorities.

Let me start right of, we cannot be healthy or function at our bests without some good quality sleep!

Sleep deprivation is the enemy of productivity and focus. When you don’t sleep enough, you’ll have a hard time staying focused, you’ll be slower in completing your tasks and you’ll be less creative.

To sum up, you’ll accomplish less!

Sleep deprivation and its effect on productivity and work-related performance have been the subject of various studies.

Research from 2010 revealed that employees who had insufficient sleep would cost their companies roughly $1967 annually due to reduced productivity and performance.

The toll that not getting enough sleep takes on your brain is real!

It can increase the risk of you getting sick. Missing sleep over time impairs your immune system, making it difficult for your body to fight off viruses and illnesses.

Just imagine how much work you’d miss if you’d end up getting sick simply because you cut out on sleep!

It’s not only the performance side that makes sleep so important. Here’s another point.

Research has shown that even skipping one night of sleep can make us insulin resistant as a type-2 diabetic. Not having sufficient amounts of insulin can directly lead to weight gain and faster aging.

Sleep deprivation also influences our hunger and fullness hormones. It increases a hormone called ghrelin, which stimulates hunger and at the same time decreases leptin, the one making us feel full.

Those imbalances in hormones will make you feel hungrier throughout the day making it more likely that you’ll overeat.

There are many side effects of not getting enough sleep. Sleep is vital for our physical and psychological wellbeing.

During the time we sleep or body switches into that necessary restorative state that makes us feel energized.

If you’re guilty of cutting out sleep because you think you’ll get more done, get more sleep! Get your body to work for you instead of against you. Try it out and I’m sure you’ll quickly realize how much more productive you’ll be!

As you’ve seen by now, sleep is so important if you want to perform at your best. It’s so easy to cut out on sleep. But, it’s not as easy to work hard if you’re tired and not able to focus and give it your best.


2 Ways To Have More Time For Sleep So That You Can Be Successful As An Entrepreneur

1. Schedule your sleep

Schedule in your sleep as you would your sales calls or meetings. By setting aside 8 hours for your good night’s rest and sticking to it, you’ll avoid committing to other things and make sleep a priority.


2. Set Boundaries

You might have trouble prioritizing sleep because you have a lot going on, but being busy is not the same as being productive and effective. Try to make sure that everything you’re saying “yes” to, matches your values and priorities so that you have enough time for sleep.


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