Learn to manifest your dream life with food freedom

Does this sound familiar?


You've LOST & GAINED WEIGHT more times than you can remember.

You've been doing well on a diet until suddenly you CAN'T STOP EATING chocolate even if you're feeling sick already.

You're STRESSED & ANXIOUS when it comes to food & your food choices

You FEEL NEGATIVE ABOUT YOUR BODY & believe that your life would be easier once you've lost some weight, that you’d finally be happy.

You FEEL LOST and don't even know anymore what makes you happy, what you love doing because over the last years all you focused on was the gym and counting calories

You cannot wait for others to leave the house so that you can EAT FOOD IN SECRET

You feel drained, are tired & have trouble sleeping


You feel held back by SELF-DOUBT & limiting beliefs

You need ACCOUNTABILITY and finally, want to see your hard work paying off!



Let me tell you, you DESERVE BETTER and you are more capable than you think. You already have everything you need within you. You can BE THE WOMAN YOU'VE ALWAYS DREAMED OF being. You just need a clear vision, a step-by-step road map, and a coach who's supporting you every step of the way.

I've been where you are. I used to believe the same thoughts.

I know what it's like to be stuck in the dieting mentality, feeling exhausted, binge eating, and feeling miserable, feeling like a failure.

But, I also know the other side, a life with FOOD FREEDOM. I now live a life where I wake up in the morning with tons of ENERGY and feeling EXCITED for the day ahead. I no longer worry about food and spend my time creating memories.

If I can change my path, so can you. I've got you love!


Now imagine...

  • Having a loving & caring relationship with yourself & your body
  • Eating intuitively WITHOUT STRESSING & obsessing about food.
  • Living your purpose & havIing a meaningful impact on others
  • Feeling CONFIDENT & not being overwhelmed with cravings, overeating, & dieting
  • Having control over your mindset & being able to COPE WITH YOUR EMOTIONS
  • Waking up in the morning full of energy & feeling excited for the day ahead
  • Living the LIFE you have DREAMED OF because you're no longer wasting time worrying about food, calories, etc..

The only perfect time is now. It's time to manifest the life of your dreams, a life with food freedom.

I want to be honest with you, WEIGHT LOSS ISN'T THE SOLUTION to your problems. The pursuit of weight loss and fitting an ideal that maybe represents 1% of women has let you lose touch with who you truly are.

Through the manifesting food freedom program, I'm going to show you, step by step, exactly how to STOP OVEREATING, make PEACE WITH FOOD and MANIFEST the life you've always dreamed of.

I teach you exactly how to calm those negative voices in your head so nothing stands in the way of your transformation anymore.


It’s time to step into your higher self and manifest your dream life! It all starts with a decision



What does Manifesting Food Freedom Include?

Manifesting Food Freedom is a 12-week program designed to show you how you can heal your relationship with food and finally feel confident and happy in your own skin. It includes:

1 x 75min 1:1 Goal & Vision Setting Intensive

11 x 45 Minute 1:1 coaching calls with Sarah

Access to pre-recorded video trainings

24/7 Whatsapp support



The Manifesting Food Freedom Framework

The Program will be tailored to your individual needs. If you need more work on body image, we'll spend more time on that. If you need less help with intuitive movement we'll focus less on that. The program is designed to be adjustable to your unique needs.

Week 1
Set Up For Success

Get clear on your vision and goals with your personalized roadmap. Learn how to manifest your biggest dreams into reality.


Week 2
Busting Limiting Beliefs

Uncover what is preventing you from actively working towards your vision. Learn how to overcome those limiting beliefs for good.


Week 3
Manifestation Basics

Dive into the science behind manifestation and create your personalized action plan so that you can manifest with intention and success.


Week 4
Self-Worth & Body Image

Explore your current body image and dive deep into the who, what and why behind it. Create a new self-love routine so that you can feel nourished daily.

Week 5
Challenging Your Relationship With Food

Explore the fears you have around food and stepping away from dieting. Learn how to silence those sabotaging voices that keep dragging you back into the dieting cycle so that you can step away from it once and for all.


Week 6
Master Your Personal Body Cues

Reconnect with your body and explore what your specific hunger and fullness cues feel like. You'll learn more about intuitive and mindful eating and how they serve us.


Week 7
Navigating Your Specific Cravings

Learn more about the difference between emotional and physical hunger. Uncover the different cravings you're experiencing so that you can take care of them the right way.


Week 8
Self-Care & Emotional Nourishment

Explore ways to nourish yourself off the plate. Learn more about best practices in stress management, how mindfully new can improve your overall wellbeing, and much more.

Week 9
Intuitive Movement

Discover ways to move your body that you actually love doing. Physical activity is crucial for your overall wellbeing and there is much more to it than hitting the gym.


Week 10
Gentle Nutrition

Dive deeper into the effect food has on your overall wellbeing. Discover what food make you feel good and which ones might make you feel sluggish or tired.


Week 11
Habits For Success

Uncover your peak performance hours and learn more about habits that make you thrive. Break free from habits that might still hold you back.


Week 12
Life Beyond Dieting

Harness the power of your journey and set yourself up for a life with food freedom. Become the women you've always wanted to be.

Why I'm the right fit for you:

I’ve been in your position. I’ve struggled with the same issues.

You don’t even wanna know how many years of my life I wasted because I struggled with my relationship not only with food but myself and my body. I missed out on amazing opportunities, as I struggled with a lot of stress and anxiety. I didn’t feel present in my own life. I was convinced that I’m unlikeable and that people think I’m weird.

I continuously binged on foods that I knew I “shouldn’t” be eating and felt like a complete failure. I was stuck in a cycle of restricting and binging. I wasn’t able to properly deal with my emotions.

Once I hit rock-bottom, I knew I needed to make some BIG CHANGES in my life. I finally decided to start the journey of mastering my mindset and healing my relationship with food and my body.

It took me quite a while to finally be able to say I love myself, to stop worrying about everything I ate, to be happy. Along the way, I face many challenges, but it was so worth it.

Now I can proudly say that I love my body. I love who I am. I’m proud of myself.

It's perfect for you if you...

Are looking to dive deeper into manifestation & truly know what it’s all about

Are ready to finally enjoy your life by breaking free from food rules, emotional eating, restriction, shame, & guilt⁣

Want to find ways that make you love working out instead of seeing it as a punishment⁣

Want to heal your relationship with food so that you can fully trust yourself around it⁣

Want to feel confident & finally wear that bikini with pride⁣

Are looking to create a healthy lifestyle that is actually sustainable

It's not for you if you...

Are looking for another quick fix to lose weight & ant to keep on living in a cycle of restriction and cravings

Aren’t open to trying new things or willing to doing the work on a deeper level to get to the roots of the issue

Want a meal plan or a specific set of rules to follow

Still blame outside factors for preventing your success 

Don't want to learn more about the power of intentional manifestation

Don’t see the program as an investment that could genuinely transform your life


After taking on Sarah as a health coach for the past four weeks, I have noticed an overall change in my health, my wellness, and my attitude forwards food and diet culture. Sarah creates a safe inclusive space for her clients to reach their goals at a healthy pace. Sarah encourages you every step of the way and provides additional information designed specifically for you. She’s extremely knowledgeable about health and the body. She looks at the whole picture and takes into account every aspect of your life in addition to your health. Sarah is a breath of fresh air in the coaching space and is now my go to girl! She has truly changed my life, my health, my mindset and the way I view myself. If you put in the work with Sarah, you’ll get the results you wanted! Sign up with her before all her spots fill up, Sarah is a hidden treasure and I’m sure she won’t be that for long. 

The pandemic wears emotionally and physically on anyone. Sarah really helped to get me to a physical and mental breakthrough during one of the most difficult times of my life. I am lucky to have found Sarah and that she was able to share her guidance, insights and kindness with me at this unprecedented time. I have lost weight, become more active, broke through my depression and have felt that I was able to get a whole new physical and mental reboot thanks to her coaching classes.

Sarah is such a sweet, kind person, when I started I was filled with so much shame. And she listened and gave me such great tips on what I could do to eliminate my binge eating. I have had an unhealthy relationship with food for a really long time and Sarah helped me to find my way back. I’ve loved all the prompts and tools she gave me, that were relevant specifically for my journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you ready to finally:



Build a strong EMOTIONAL RESILIENCE so that you no longer need food to cope with your feelings⁣

GET RID OF THE BARRIERS that have been keeping you from living a life you deserve

STOP OBSESSING ABOUT FOOD & be able to eat and enjoy it with moderation, WITHOUT OVEREATING & constantly worrying.


Develop a HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP WITH EXERCISE because you love your body, not because you hate it




Potential Objections

Hannah's Story

Hannah used to struggle with a lot of cravings, in the evenings especially. She snacked a lot and had lost touch with her hunger & fullness cues. She didn't feel comfortable in her body anymore. 

The Manifesting Food Freedom program focuses on your individual need. Normally, I recommend getting rid of scales and all other dieting tools, especially when someone is obsessive about it. For Hannah it was the opposite. After starting to heal her relationship with food, she wasn't scared of a number anymore. She wanted to step back on the scale to prove to herself that it is just a number. 

After the coaching program, she started to feel more confident & comfortable around food. She started to feel happier & more at ease.


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